Just one thing

If you could change one thing to at least make the economy get better in these United States what would that be This is a novel approach to fuel saving as presented by the Australians. However, had we invented such a concept recently instead – it would have been sidelined for fear our military might want one at cheaper cost made by a foreign slave employing Moaist Government.


8 Responses to Just one thing

  1. What I mean is, if you could save the economy, what could we then all do for a living? Name one thing. Just anything. We’ll all probably want to do that then. Why does it seem to always go that way?

    Go ahead. Please help, everyone do the same exact thing. No not really. Sometimes that is truly what is needed though.

    Okay. It’s still true question though. What could we do to lessen the burden on big banks to manage all our money, sometimes so thoughtlessly and misguided? And still propagate a healthy economy?

    Buy local, or possibly just more judiciously?

    • pat hunley says:

      There is enough land world-wide so we all can become organic farmers and move our produce via horse/carraige and trade amongst our selves. I do eggs and trade you eggs for green beans etc. You trade one doz eggs to someone else for melons. etc etc.

      • Savetheeconomydotcom says:

        The problem with trading goods and services, is that some services require specialized expensive training. A Dentist {for instance} isn’t likely to benefit from trading dental work for tomatoes if tomatoes aren’t $50/ea. Meanwhile he must pay his college loans and employees still – and they possibly will or won’t accept labor in trade. And not everyone can raise or store foodstuffs.

        If the world changes from gasoline to electricity to power itself, then we might possibly see massive levels of trade, since at home electrical generation will be commonplace. Credits will be generated as soon as we have surplus electricity produced and available on the grid.

  2. John England says:

    Hello cousins,
    Well, what did you think of our Prince William marrying Kate Middleton?

    What a great do it was.

    How would I change America for the better?

    Okay, to fully understand my suggestion you need to understand money; what it is where it comes from and how it works.
    Your system, The Fed, was implanted into the USA by British bankers (the leader was a man called Rothschild (actually Bauer) a zionist jew from Frankfurt – and there was J P Morgan himself US agents of the Rothschilds) – and one or two others – Rockerfella was another.

    Money is a scam – it was devised in its present form to make wealth for those who created it and managed it.

    Woodrow Wyatt, your president in 1913 signed the Federal Reserve Act giving these bankers absolute ownship and control of the US Dollar – and the Fed was formed. Since then, ever increasing debt has been thrust upon the people.

    So, GET RID OF THE FED and revert the creation of money BACK to the people.

    Your taxes would be severely reduced and your total debts would vanish over a period of time.

    See here, this is the UK answer… for we are in the grip of the same people and it is these very people who want world wide control over us all – NWO


  3. Useful info. Hope to see more good posts in the future.

  4. RaspberryPi says:

    I agree with your thought.Thank you for your sharing.

  5. I don’t what I was thinking when it comes to finding enough money for all that. It’s far simpiier to get a group organized and rob walmart with a few Sheriffs and things. everyone else is.

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